After School Enrichment Programming
These programs focus on academic achievement and character development for students between the ages of 9-18. This sequential model of programming is designed to provide students with a meaningful experience centered on their development as young people.
Hockey Knowledge Series

Ice Hockey in Harlem’s Hockey Knowledge Series is intended to introduce children to the sport of hockey. Ice Hockey in Harlem students between the ages of 9-10 attend weekly classroom sessions as a condition for their participation in the hockey program. The Hockey Knowledge Series is open to all students with these age groups, whether or not they attend public school. The program teaches geography, history and social studies and skills in math, reading and writing using hockey as the central reference for study. This includes hockey literature, cities, statistics, players, rules of play, etc. Students are engaged through hockey, using the sport as a teaching tool. The Hockey Knowledge Series features three long-time facilitators who have volunteered with Ice Hockey in Harlem for many years. Hockey Knowledge Series classes will take place at Ice Hockey in Harlem headquarters at the Dempsey Center. The program takes place each Tuesday from October through March, All sessions begin at 6pm on scheduled dates. Hockey Knowledge Series sessions last a minimum of an hour to a maximum of two hours.

Speakers Series

Ice Hockey in Harlem’s Speakers Series is intended to introduce children to guest speakers from various professional, cultural and personal backgrounds with the aim of further inspiring their development as young leaders and members of their community. Created in 2013, the Ice Hockey in Harlem Speaker Series is committed to enhancing the non-hockey experience of students in the program between the ages of 11-14. Weekly presentations are given from a wide array of thought provoking speakers from many professional and personal backgrounds. The Speaker Series features individuals with substantial professional experience. Speakers are from various walks of life, both within and outside of the community. These facilitators help students understand the connection between the classroom, the hockey rink and the real world. Students and other audience members have the opportunity to engage speakers in thoughtful discussion following each topic. Speakers share their personal stories of determination, encounters with adversity, and eventual achievement. Sessions can feature more than one speaker and the topic specific to the work of a company or individual. Hockey experience is not required; instead, Ice Hockey in Harlem actively seeks speakers from diverse backgrounds. Selected speakers represent collective individual successes grounded in personal experience and professional achievement. Featured speakers have included:


  • Mike Eruzione, Boston University and captain of 1980 US Hockey team

  • Budd Mishkin, NY1 News correspondent

  • Patrick Burke, NHL Player Safety and Founder of You Can Play Foundation

  • Brendan Shanahan, Former NHL player and President of the Toronto Maple Leafs

  • Jonathan Holloway, Dean of Yale College

  • Bill Daughtry, ESPN radio personality

  • Courtney Hall, Former NFL player and venture capitalist

  • Jeff MacGregor, ESPN features writer

College Exploration Series

Ice Hockey in Harlem’s College Exploration Series is designed for students between the ages of 15-17. Programming takes place over the academic year encourages students to explore post-secondary education opportunities. Students are offered the chance to take part in campus visits and classroom sessions that promote college participation after graduating high school. We expect that high school students in this program will learn more about college admissions and will create a plan for their path to higher education; and we will monitor their progress accordingly. In addition hockey plays an important role as students play competitive travel games in cities where college trips take place. The program will convene twice a month with workshops held at the Dempsey Center at 127 West 127th Street in Harlem. The College Exploration Series will run from December through March with classroom and campus activities. 




Hockey Knowledge Series instructors in action.

Speakers Series students visit the MSG for the Chase Fantasy Skate & Speaker Panel in March 2019.

Speakers Series students visit the NYPD training facility in Queens, New York in November 2015.

College Exploration Series students visit Boston University in February 2015.